Welcome to the website of Realtime Technology. We are a team of software developers and management consultants specializing on assignments in Europe and Southeast Asia. With base in Tallin,Riga and Stockholm we have very competitive rates. Some of our specialties includes
-Concept development of IT infrastructure. For new companies that needs helps with the conceptualization
-Cloud Strategies and development. For companies that want to increase efficiency and security.
-Safety and user experience. For smother business and lower CRM costs. 

In addition to the software business we advice clients on business strategies and development of concepts, markets plans as well as implementation. Some of our competences includes
-Development of business- and action plans
-Concept innovation development and implementation
-Interim Management within general management, HR, sales and technology.

Interested contact our Tallin office at office(a)realtimetechnology.net

With best regards

The Realtime Team